Monday, June 11, 2007

The purpose of being

The great arguments of philosophy are as old as man’s ability to think. When man first understood that he was a being, now conscious of his own existence, he eventually realized that he was something both in nature and out of nature at the same time.

Actually, the human essence just is the thought and consciousness of understanding the world. The difference between human beings and other animals lies in the things stored in the brain. The human essence is the thing a human being inveterately grows in grain and the most important standard to measure a human being. It just is the human essence that made us superior to other animals and becoming the king of the world. Other animals also have the thought and consciousness, but can not match human beings in its sufficiency and sophistication. So we regard the most outstanding feature of human beings as our essence, and we call the ones who can grow the human essence as ‘same kind’ and call the others as ‘other kind’.

Ultimately, a "meaning in life", for human beings, is a rational explanation for the choice of one's purpose in life, or for a goal to a purpose. Or meaning is having a state of being or doing that relates to a goal, or to a purpose in life. Basically, such a meaning in life is an answer to a "Why?" to a goal that is relative to a purpose in life . In essence, an ultimate purpose in life gives meaning to all goals that help in its achievement. It gives meaning to most of what one is, what one does, and what one hopes to become.

How does an ultimate purpose give meaning in life? An ideal is a synonym for perfection. An ultimate purpose is an ideal of perfection for all persons may strive for all thru their lives. An ideal or perfect ultimate purpose has aspects of its perfection in the"5-Ps and G". These are the ultimate Purpose, Principle, Perfection, Premise, and Perspective. All of these are ultimate goods. An ultimate purpose gives eternal and universal direction, hope, and meaning in life. An ultimate principle is an ultimate truth that enables an almost instant general answer and meaning to specific problems relative to the ultimate principle. An ultimate perfection is an ideal standard for judging what is true, moral, just, beautiful, and meaningful. It is something to love, to strive for, to have happiness. An ultimate premise enables a rationality that enables reasoned judgements that enable a self-controlling moderation, harmony, stability, and meaning to a free choice. An ultimate perspective is a flexible view of the whole of things that enables one to see meaning in the parts that relate to the whole. An ultimate good enables almost instant general answers to resolve ethical and morality conflicts, for all that relates to an ultimate good will be good and meaningful. It is an ultimate standard for judging the morality of faith and the ethics of harmony.


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maruthi sravan said...

well posted you created me a hope about human essence.before i always think that human is same as animal but now i came to know that human is
king of all animals ,from 1000's of years tiger is like tiger only but only animal transformed this world a lot that is human being